Wills & Probate

Our goal is that all our clients should have made a Will. Putting your affairs in order is very important. Without a Will, the law will decide what happens to your money and home when you die.

There can be some unpleasant surprises when this happens. When a person dies, their assets must be valued and collected and their liabilities and taxes assessed and paid. The person responsible for this is the Executor appointed by the Will, or the Administrator when there is no Will. It can be a simple matter when there are few assets and no tax to pay. In other cases, it can become extremely involved.

We recognise that this can be a major worry at a sad and stressful time for the family of the deceased and we strive to be sympathetic and understanding: we believe we can often relieve the family of a great deal of worry.

We have experienced solicitors in this area of law who can help draft your will and administer yourestate as you intend for them to the administered.

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